September 14, 2004

Imagine, if you will, that Enron's cadre of lying, cheating, stealing executives weren't living it up in Dallas while bleeding granny dry in Fresno, but instead were taking advantage of grandmothers in Peking. What do you think the Chinese government would do to punish them?

Apparently, they'd kill them. Four employees of the nation's Big Four state-owned banks were executed for fraud totaling $15 million. China didn't disclose how they executed the men, but generally they either shoot them in the back of the head or inject them with poison.

Len added:

Enron's headquarters were in Houston.

Please, let's not defame Dallas (my hometown) any more than necessary!

Jason added:

Aww, they sound like a nice bunch of people, let's trade with them. Oh, and give them a preferred status in trading.

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