February 25, 2005

Now it appears, from their blog, that they're doing an iPodder, a directory, and something like audio.weblogs.com. If Odeo somehow comes to dominate podcasting, this wouldn't be the first time Evan Williams "took over" an idea -- Scripting News

Sounds like sour grapes, doesn't it? But then I looked at the teeny tiny screenshot in the background of the NYT article photo, and then I took a screenshot of audio.weblogs.com:



Which one would you want to use? Which one would your mom want to use?

I'll hand it to Dave that he has been the first to solve the early technical problems in weblogs and now audio blogging, but he's famously bad at designing software for end users (which is ironic, since he claims he's the only one that "does it for the users"). The problem is that Dave is an engineer at heart. And that's ok, many engineers say they make user friendly software when they in fact make engineer-friendly software, as the screenshots really drive the point home. One of them looks like an exciting directory that probably has user ratings, comments, transcripts, summaries, preview tracks and every other bell and whistle that anyone would want when shopping for audio. The other looks like I stumbled onto a configuration file on my OS -- it's just a dump of the last x uploads.

Which site looks like it can answer the question "Can you show me just the best audio tracks?"

There is a rich history of business ideas that were invented by engineers, but perfected by those that re-made them for the mainstream and profited in users and dollars many times over the original creators. This looks like another one.

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