November 3, 2004

The Lord's hand-picked disciple on Earth won re-election over Democratic candidate John Kerry in a close, but not close enough, race for the White House.

The likely fallout is easy to guess:

  • Two to four conservative, Scalia-like Supreme Court appointments, the ramifications of which call civil rights and a woman's right to choose into question for decades to come.

  • More Michael Moore movies.

  • The tax breaks for the rich become permanent, deficits hit new records

  • Everyone allowed to hate the gays. A lot.

  • Ashcroft decides to cover all breasts, regardless of sex, all the time.

  • Prayer in school?

  • Jon Stewart's head explodes in 2006.

  • The Iraq Comedy of Errors winds on, more allies choose to drop out before their heads drop off. U.S., arrogant and pissy, goes it alone. Draft re-instated.

  • Lots more stupidity coming from the mouth of the leader of the so-called free world.

  • Al Qaeda recruitment hits staggering new levels.

  • I move to France.

One likely factor in the Bush win was his silly but effective use of homophobic fear mongering over the right to marry. Ohio, the decider, came out in force to favor an amendment to their state constitution banning not only gay marriage, but any legal recognition of any union of any two people outside the marriage of a man to a woman, in essence telling everyone else to literally go fuck themselves.

Thanks, Ohio!

James added:
Ashcroft won't be in Bush's new cabinet apparently. Nor will Powell, but of his own choosing, and Rumsfeld's job is on the line too. So it's not as bad as it could be.

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