November 8, 2004

A Connecticutt woman has been charged with having sex with an 8-year-old boy whom she refers to as her boyfriend. Neighbors refer to her as "that crazy lady with the Sesame Street fetish."

29-year-old Tammy Imre sent the boy mash notes and and told investigators she considered the relationship "like a fantasy." Only it wasn't, because fantasies are things like, uh, well, like if Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of... wait, bad example. A fantasy is like we held an election and the candidate with the worst record, whom some consider mentally challenged maybe, was elected President because he thinks God talks to him.

Oh, wait.

Aravis added:

I live in CT. She has confessed to having sex with the boy, who was a playmate of her 7 yr. old daughter. The daughter knew about it; she saw them together. Imre was dreaming of marrying him when he was older. I suppose that is where the fantasy part came in...

trevor added:


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