November 22, 2004

This idea sounded so good it was hard to believe it was true. Pew charitible trusts and the Gates Foundation (yes, Bill's) are teaming up to devote one billion dollars a year to send every high school student in America who's willing to go to a third world country for six weeks? This could possibly be one of the most inspired investments in the future of the country seen around these parts in years.

Named America Looks Beyond, it's described as being "explicitly an alternative to the militaristic take on the war on terror." Sound too good to be true? It is. A quick look on ARIN's domain whois records reveal the site is registered to pranksters Ad Busters. Dare to dream, anyway.

Registrant Organization:Adbusters Media Foundation Registrant Street1:1243 West 7th Avenue Registrant City:Vancouver Registrant State/Province:BC Registrant Postal Code:V6H1B7

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