April 22, 2005

The web is abuzz with good feeling about web personality and ironic eyewear owner Rogers Cadenhead (not his real name). Rogers, you see, had the foresight to snatch up benedictxvi.com, along with a buffet of other possible papal names, way before Cardinal Nazinger's election to the throne. Interviewed by Katie Couric, who was getting a colonoscopy at the time, Mr. Cadenhead stated that he didn't want the domain falling into the hands of pornographers and such. The irony of passing it along to misogynistic gay bashing pedophiles was lost on Katie, or as Matt Lauer calls her, Grandma.

All snarkiness aside, Mr. Cadenhead is putting the domain to good use while he waits for the Vatican to decide whether they want to use it to publish a database of succulant tangy alterboys.

In a related note, anyone interested in acquiring poperandythefirst.com should contact me directly.

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