February 20, 2006

George Holliday was the man who videotaped the beating of Rodney King 15 years ago. Then the LAPD officers involved were acquitted of all charges, leading to riots that 54 deaths, 2,383 injuries and more than 12,000 arrests.

As a result, he's been divorced twice, he's scraping by financially as a self-employed rooter and lives alone with his 9-year-old son in a one-bedroom apartment. He has unlisted numbers for himself and his business, sends his son to a private school and spends his days alone.

Does he regret doing it? Yes, and no.

nona added:

everything, everything...

pamrose added:

Striking, (no pun) how it is that history picks you to be a messenger. You're picked, and unless you are an ethics-free type, you have to do it...you have to do the right thing.
How often that act puts the actor at personal disadvantage for life. When thank you is never enough, what do you say?
War is not conducive to people being...humane. The constant fear, the daily tragedies and gore, the instructions to go find and kill or catch the bad guys, doesn't it make you want to video tape the torture of Iraqi detainees?
History from the video pov

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Off topic here. I was just reading some blogs and the name glassdog popped into my head and I thought hmmm, I wonder if that site is still there. I was a regular to your site in the late '90's. I'm glad to see your site is still current. Your design was always quite incredible and still is. And the content quite hilarioius. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. No, I'm not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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