April 4, 2006

High fuel costs are eating the airlines alive, causing the already in-bankruptcy fliers to go deeper into the red, and the just-making it guys to try to find more ways to lure passengers into their emptier planes.

JetBlue's answer is to offer overnight passenger kits to red-eye fliers travelling between coasts. The Shut-Eye service offers Bliss Spa packs with eye masks, earplugs, moisturizer and lip balm so that you can relax into the company's leather seats, settle in for a 6-hour overnight flight and awaken refreshed, envigorated and moistened.

If they really want to make passengers happy, I think the U.S. carriers ought to take a page from Virgin Air's manual and offer Mile High Club Seating on selected flights. As long as one gets to choose one's seating companion, of course.

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