April 4, 2006

Muji, the un-design company (no labels, no colors, no nothing) is sponsoring their first MUJI AWARD International Design Competition

The theme is "sumi," and they want anyone and everyone to enter. What they're looking for is designs for things at the edge of a room, not where the eye looks, the tucked-away corners and unnoticed areas.

Three prizes will be awarded, with the winner receiving US$20,000 and the joy of seeing their design (though certainly not their name) made real by the engineers at Muji. Design master Jasper Morrison is a special judge.

Whatever your thing is, your thing can not exceed a total height, width and depth of 120cm. It also has to survive shipment to Tokyo and it can be anything from furniture to stationary to office equipment.

The contest starts on May 15th and your submission must be received by August 31st. So get un-designing!

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