April 10, 2006

Christian Evangelicals are taking their intolerance of homosexuals (Editors's Note: Lance Arthur is a professional homosexual) to the courts in order to make it legally acceptible not to accept others, starting with the gays.

In Georgia, a 22-year-old college student is suing her college, the Georgia Institute of Technology, to force it to revoke its policy of tolerance so that she's free to be intolerant. And the Christian Legal Society is a national group of what we will assume to be backwards-looking narrow-minded judges and lawyers to challenge tolerance policies in federal court.

Why do they think it's time now to strip away the rights and protections of homosexuals? It's a kind of scapegoat tactic. They know they can't attack racial or sexual tolerance policies because those are, you know, you can't help it if you weren't lucky enough to be born a white male. But you can, according to them, help it if you were born gay, because nobody is born gay. The gays simply choose to be vilified, hated, put down, denied employment and marriage and called any number of names and possibly suffer violence at the hands of righteous Christian martyrs. It's our own fault for deciding to be gay.

Then they can finally be free to practice their form of religion, which apparently involves hating the differences of a human society without worrying about being labeled something bad. Because of course right now they're being denied all sorts of human rights -- like stupidity.

leroy added:

I wonder if there are political machinations behind this as that precedent has been set in this past with situations like the above college student?

Bruno added:

I believe that if I want to be legal (BTW I am gay too) because of who I am, then how could I not allow others to be who they are?.

Hate is not good, I know, but it is their choice not to accept what they do not want to. However as far as the laws are not reversed, thus homo-violance, discrimination, etc... let them hate as much as they want to.

I want people to accept who I am therefore I have to accept people as they are too.


iagree added:

It is clear that the writer of “Tolerating intolerance” obviously also hates ALL Christians, because of the actions of some who call themselves Christians.

You generalize all hatred against homo-sexuality to be, again, from ALL Christians. I happen to be a Christian who loves the differences in this world.

My point being… some of us “Christians” would appreciate it if you wouldn't naively assume that ALL Christians are out to hurt others that are different. I may be wrong here, but it makes you almost sound like those corrupt "Christians" that you speak of.

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