April 25, 2006

You knew it was coming, and here it is right on time. The Republicans are scared of losing control of the House and Senate because they're just not very good at governing and upholding the Constitution and running a specious war and so forth, and their own constituents seem to be leaving their ranks. So what to do?

Why, drag out Queer Fear again! Just in time for the mid-terms, a group of religious leaders has opened up a new web site and signed an online petition calling for a Constitutional Amendment to bar same-sex marriage. While the timing isn't curious, some of the signature are.

While this avenue of pandering used to be the venue of the far-right and evangelicals, now the Catholic Church (not exactly a bastion of morality of late) is adding their signatures to the scroll calling for legalized descrimination. Yay, Catholic Church! You go, girl!

Daniel added:

Let's allow—for the sake of argument—that marriage should be restricted to heterosexuals. This only gets the issue as far as the list of Precepts All Good People Follow And Thus Are Fair Game For Legislation In An Effort To Make The World A Better Place. I say, "Get in line!" We might should spend more time making sure that people of all ages have accessible education and health resources, that folks have employment opportunities that don't put them under the thumb of an omnipotent ham-fisted asshat, and that people have access to a legal system which is as free as is practically possible of (legal) code bloat. Even IF fags and lesbos shouldn't be allowed to be married in a legal sense, there are much more pressing issues at hand.

Of course, that escapes entirely the sheer insipidity that gender or sexual preference should bear on the right of marriage. If anything, intelligence should be among the deciding factors; but where would we find our politicians then?

mark added:

This is an old and useless arguement. Why not let grown men marry 10 year-old girls? They were born pedophiles, they can't help it! What is happening is, things that haven't been acceptable in the past become more common and people start to accept it as normal, whether it is wrong or not. Just because someone is born a certain way doesn't mean we have to give them free reign with their emotions. That is not what diversity is all about. We, as a society, have to show some restraint if this world is going to survive for our grandchildren.

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